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The Law Office of John J. Rahaim II



Worker's Compensation Cases: Our firm has been successful in overcoming fraud defense, drug free work place defenses, notice defense, and major contributing case defenses either through trial, successful settlements, or aggressive litigation resulting in acceptance of the case.

Presumption Cases: The Law Office of John Rahaim has had over 10 winning trials and/or appeals with Final Hearings on presumption cases alone within the last two years. Numerous other police, fire, and corrections are covered under the Heart Bill by negotiating with the Employer and getting evidence to win the case without a judge's verdict.

Appeals: Our firm handles appeals for Claimant's counsels when there has been an unfortunate oversight or error of law. This firm has won four appeals and was able to resolve two cases before the Final Order in favor of our clients within the last two years. 

Car Accidents: The Law Office of John J. Rahaim represents injured people, usually former clients, in cases involving car accidents in presuit matters. 

Andy S. (via AVVO) - I was in law enforcement for 21 years when I needed to find a reputable and knowledgeable attorney, due to a complex Worker's Comp issue. Attorney Amie DeGuzman from our first meeting the took the time to listen to my needs and issues and in my opinion treated me not as a client, but someone she sincerely wanted to help find more here:

Lance F. (via google) - John is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate wcomp in simple terms. He is very patient and kept me informed through a very stressful year. It was so reassuring to work with an attorney who really cared about me and protected my interests as well as fought for me to get me the best outcome!

Everlyn J. (via Facebook): "Attorney Rahaim and his team is very professional and courteous to their clients. They answer any and all questions or concerns and go the extra mile of fighting for your rights. Attorney Rahaim demonstrates good work ethics and interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend this office for your attorney needs."

Edward T. (via Facebook): "Very professional and a winning team and a special thanks to Amie DeGuzman."


Mac. S. (via AVVO): "Mr. Rahaim is one of the best attorney's in the area of workman's comp cases. He is very knowledgable of case law. When it comes to protecting his client's rights, Mr. Rahaim stands tall ready to do battle. Mr. Rahaim was professional, very articulate and aggressive in protecting my rights. If you are a first responder, you want John Rahaim in your corner."