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Presumption - Heart Disease.  - The first case to be decided after the DCA came out with City of Jacksonville v. Ratliff. The JCC agreed with our arguments and found the claim for heart disease compensable. 

Presumption - Heart Disease/HTN. The City denied this case after 120 day pay and investigate. Two years later another officer is covered under the Heart Bill for the rest of his life. 

Vehicle Collision.Multiple injuries. Insurance company denied further treatment asserting preexisting condition and fraud. After a year and a half long battle, and a rare two day trial, the Judge ruled in favor of the injured worker.  

Presumption - Heart Disease. Our client worked in corrections for years. The City denied his claim primarily due to his history of smoking. At trial we prevailed by establishing that a risk factor is not the same as causation. 

Presumption - Heart Disease - Statute of Limitations.A retired corrections officer never was told about the presumption. The Department denied his claim due to failing to provide notice of injury and statute of limitations. At trial we overcame these defenses and the officer is now covered. 

Presumption - Heart Disease - Notice/Expert Medical Advisor.​ A corrections officer suffered a heart attack and had stents placed. The Department denied his claim raising a myriad of defenses including notice, statute of limitations, and risk factors. After lengthy litigation we prevailed. Shortly afterwards we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement. 

Presumption - Hypertension - Preemployment Physical/Risk Factors.A police officer was denied after having a spike in hypertension because of a blood pressure reading on his preemployment physical. At trial we were able to overcome this and other defenses. 

Presumption - Hypertension/Heart Disease - Multiple Accidents/Risk Factors.In an epic 4 year long battle the City denied an officer benefits under the 112.18 statute raising multiple defenses and arguments. At trial the Employer/Carrier gave up and accepted two of the three conditions. The third was tried and the opinion came back in favor of our client. All conditions covered. 

Presumption - Heart Disease - Statute of Limitations/Disability Period​ -An officer with hypertension and heart disease filed a claim and was denied. After lengthy litigation including an EMA, our client prevailed on the heart disease claim. He is now covered. 

​Presumption - Arrythmia - Presumption criteria/risk factors​ -The City denied a claim for an officer with an arrythmia. At trial the Judge found the claimant met the presumption and rejected the argument that risk factors caused his arrythmia. 

Wrongful denial - Major Contributing Cause/Psychiatric Treatment - Client was an injured worker who suffered severe injuries resulting in the need for psychological treatment. After years of treatment the carrier decided to cut off benefits. At trial we were able to overcome this defense. 

Wrongful denial - Major Contributing Cause/Knee Surgery - Client had a compensable knee injury for which the physician requested surgery. The carrier denied surgery, claiming preexisting condition. At trial we were able to overcome this defense.